What is coaching?

I take a strengths based approach, working in a thinking partnership with clients to enable new perspectives and open up possibility and potential.  Through the coaching partnership I can help you gain clarity on goals, raise awareness of and master your inner critique and limiting beliefs, and support you to unlock your potential and generate momentum, action and accountability. 

Transformational coaching works with the whole person – both what you and others see in terms of actions and behaviours, as well as what’s happening at a deeper level around your values and beliefs that drive the former. 

Coaching is a supportive and energising process. You are in the driving seat – our work together is all about exploring about where you want to get to and supporting you to get to there, hopefully having fun and sparking some excitement along the way.

Whether you are focussing on a career, business or personal goal (or all three!) I will work with you to offer observations, reflections, ask powerful questions and give supportive challenge to help unlock the right way forward for you. Where appropriate I’ll draw on a range of tools from the disciplines of coaching and psychology to support you. 

I will always act in your best interests and cheerlead you to boldly move towards your goal. Using curiosity, insight, humour and unwavering belief that you have the ability to create and achieve whatever you want from life, I will work alongside you to create the outcomes you want.  

If you'd like support in getting to where you want to be, please get in touch.