"Coaching was a hugely empowering experience for me. I went in with quite a narrow focus around my career and ended up exploring and unpacking almost all areas of my life. Katie supported me to overcome challenges and find solutions myself which has given me the tools and confidence to use going forwards. Katie is open, supportive and non-judgmental so her sessions felt like a safe space to explore different ideas. I would highly recommend her!"

Flo Skinner

“I run my own consultancy business and am in the middle of starting up a new venture - Katie helped me take stock, see beyond the day-to-day tasks and set a longer-term vision for my business and myself. If you're looking for a business coach to both champion and challenge your business and beliefs you've come to the right place.”

Alex Durussel-Baker

“I have really benefitted from my sessions with Katie. She has enabled me to identify my skills and attributes, and where I have made an impact in my current role, and this has developed my confidence and focus in the workplace greatly. Katie's approach is considered but flexible to changing needs and responses, and she allows for exploration of ideas and thoughts whilst being gently challenging to get the most out of the session.”

M Vaughn

"Coaching could well be the kickstart you need to start making changes in your life. It isn’t something that I had thought much about before I was recommended it by a friend, but I’m really glad that I gave it a try. Just having someone external to talk over issues with can give you remarkable clarity, help get your thoughts in order and understand what might be holding you back. Katie was friendly and easy to talk to, as well as intelligent and knowledgeable. The sessions ran incredibly smoothly and Katie was always able to come up with relevant information and ideas to help explain my actions and work out what I needed to do."


“Katie’s empathetic but gently probing coaching style helped me to cut through the fog, and help me think really clearly about my priorities and challenges. She listened really carefully, and helped me to come up with my own solutions to manage stressful situations, and to formulate my own pathway towards some of my key business ambitions. If you’re looking for someone to help you reconnect with your values, and to help you find your own way towards a brighter future, I can’t recommend Katie highly enough.”

Ben Capper